Event Review: BEATS + BARS + BRUSHES



by Jay Scott and James “JP” Patterson


The art scene is nothing new in Baltimore. In fact, the art scene is actually growing here. In a city that is often underestimated, you can find the most precious gems.

This past weekend we checked out an event entitled BEATS + BARS + BRUSHES, a Cresol event. An event based on live music production, live cyphers and live art. It was held at a small venue called “Club K” on Friday, August 1st.

This month’s BEATS + BARS + BRUSHES started off with the Llamadon Crew doing a live beat set that invited artists to freestyle over the music while featured visual artist and event creator Graffititech worked on a painting. The beat set by the Llamadon Crew definitely put us in a trance as various artists rapped and sang over the melodic beats, the vibe was set to chill for the night.

Llamadon Steezy

As the beat set ended, DJ Destrukshawn transitioned us into a live performance by Nyoka NY D. Although there was a comparison made between Nyoka NY D and Missy Elliot, when she performed you could tell she had her own unique style. Nyoka was able to keep the crowd engaged with her contagious rap lyrics and angelic singing. After Nyoka NY D finished up her set, we were sure to purchase a CD. We are most def interested in what else Nyoka NY D has to offer.

After Nyoka, it was back to the beats. We enjoyed a beat set by Triple Threat while the BEATS + BARS + BRUSHES host and friends got the cypher going again. We also learned earlier in the night that Triple Threat lived up to her name. The girl can sing, rap and produce quality beats.

The closer for that portion of the night was a talented artist by the name of Kai Sincere. As soon as Kai started his first song the crowd was going wild. His style may be reminiscent of a young Q-Tip meets young Andre 3000 over eclectic hip hop and trap-like beats, and all of that combined makes him an artist that will not be put into box. Did we also mention that Kai Sincere can sing and has a fashion sense that is all his own? Kai Sincere delivered the livest performance of night and even included a quick performance from comrad/fellow artist Malik Ferraud, which was just as live.


The excitement did not end there as we transitioned into the other portion of night, it gets even better. Blaqstarr started it off with creating a beat on the spot. Being able to witness a live beat by Blaqstarr was treat. That was followed up by a live beat auction hosted by DJ Destruckshawn and Triple Threat.

The end result of Graffititech’s piece was def interesting. I was only disappointed that I could not see him painting it during the event due to bad lighting. But over all, BEATS + BARS + BRUSHES was the ultimate turn up for hip hop heads, art lovers and those who just like to vibe out.

We will be catching the next BEATS + BARS + BRUSHES when announced and we will be catching Kai Sincere at TheMellow Mix Anniversary Show Monday, August 4th at The Windup Space 12 W North Ave, Baltimore, MD.

Until next time… Stay STEEZY!!



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