ER: Blaqstarr Music Release in the Garden


When I step into my very first Blaqstarr party I was sort of nervous. I haven’t been to many clubs, especially ones that play Baltimore club other than The Pardox. Even though I didn’t know what to expect I was excited nonetheless. I grew up listening to Blaqstarr and many who can say the same would agree he is a legend. So, walking in seeing all the lights and getting hit by that bass, I knew I was in the right place.

If you were anywhere in the Charles Village area during the month of September you would have received The Golden Ticket to Blaqstarr’s World of Pure Imagination. The ticket included access to two different events, one on September 26th @ the Crown and another on September 30th @ COOP Garden.

The Crown is known as a local hot spot for hipsters to go to grab food, drinks, or just turn up. Blaqstarr’s event was no different; starting off with a cool set from DJ Jess to get the party started. Performances from 83 Cutlass who’s brassy lyrics and sound give off a rock and roll vibe, Al Rogers Jr. who always gets the crowd involved and hype, a surprise performance from Akmar Shabazz , and last but not least Berko Lover who definitely got the crowd going crazy with her new song “Clappers Out ft. Action Bastard” . There were a few minor technical difficulties but flying in to save the day was Baltimore Club’s super hero Mighty Mark! ending the night with a trunt up mix featuring old and new tracks.

Finally, to celebrate Blaqstarr’s birthday, team partnered up with Luminous Intervention at the COOP garden for another Hot Walls event featuring visual projections (you guessed it) on a wall! We got an exclusive viewing of short films showcasing Blaqstarr’s journey as a DJ, producer and performer. The crowd marveled at the behind the scene footage of him working with artists such as M.I.A and Common on a variety of projects. One of my favorites being the song “S.OS” and on a track entitled “Dear Diamond” that was featured on the soundtrack of the movie “LUV” directed by Baltimore’s own Sheldon Cadis. As well as a premier of Blaqstarr’s newest short film “Mannequin” directed by Berko Lover.

After the films Blaqstarr busted out his guitar, sat on the grass and gave the crowd a taste of his Trinity Ep. acoustically. This gave out a bonfire vibe; being in a garden in a circle, enjoying music. And if that wasn’t satisfying enough, Blaqstarr then brought out TSU’s Terry and Rum who gave a 4D performance to his song “Gangsta”. The gathering almost felt tribal as a circle formed around the two and invited other dancers in the crowd to jump in. This experience was very spiritual and on such a beautiful autumn night the vibes were just right.

To me, Blaqstarr out did himself with these events and did I mention there was no coverage? Man, if you love Baltimore club or just love good music you missed out. But I’m sure there will be more events similar to these to come. So, if you are on your way The Grind House, going to study at the library, or walking anywhere in the art district keep your eye posted for fliers!

-Forever Steezy



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