Missy Elliott & Timbaland Are Back In The Studio Together After She Rocked The Superbowl

Originally Posted by  Freddie Taylor of urban intellectuals.com

If you loved and longed for the music of the 1990s to make a comeback, you might be getting your wish soon. It appears that Missy Elliott and Timbaland are back in the studio working together on more of their unique sound.

Millions of people were excited to see Missy Elliott perform with Katy Perry during the Superbowl half time show. If i’m honest, most people could have done away with Perry and had more of Missy on the screen, but I digress.

All signs are pointing to her not only getting back in the studio to drop some new music, but she is back teaming up with Timbaland as well.

Missy dropped the bomb on the music community this week first from her Twitter account, see the image below, but then also made mention of reuniting with Timbaland on the “Sway in The Morning” show.

Missy on “Sway in The Morning”:

“I don’t want to say too much because in this day and time, boy, you say something, they will come back two weeks later like, ‘Where your album at?’,” she said.

Missy might not want to say too much, but she already has the music world buzzing with excitement. This woman is truly an entertainer. Paired up with Timbaland again, we are expecting more epic music from the duo.

Basically, it is too late as people are already very excited!

The Superbowl buzz reminded fans just how amazing and iconic the music they made was at the time. And with the art form being what it is today, the stage is set not only for Missy to make a comeback, but for her to take over.


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