ER: Chrissy Vasquez Release Party



by J.P


The Chrissy Vasquez team definitely put on a full scale show tricked out with streamers, balloons, and blow up dinosaurs. A welcoming fanfare for the new project Chrissy is set to real ease very soon! I might add I am very interested in the final product. The event kicked off with freestyles on beats from no crew other that Llamadon, their music always has a good vibe, like “coasting down the Cali coast and ending the night at a rave” type of feel. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 83 Cutlass  is a self produced M.C. with messages anyone can relate too, his music production is set to stun, and his lyrics are set to kill. Rakeem Miles kept the mood real chill with tracks from his latesp EP “Depression. Butch Dawson performed “Yada Yada” which was one of my favorite songs of the night, he also has some crazy energy on stage. Al Rodger Jr.  performed “This aint a Love Song” and his variation of “Tell Me” an rendition from fellow Baltimore artists, Dru Hill. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA TT the Artist and Mighty Mark never fail to amaze me with Baltimore Club Music, they started their set off on a high note and ended even higher. Also, they’re being featured this Friday in New York on the Boiler Room. Be sure to tune in!


Chrissy Vasquez closed the night with vibed out tunes from her new sampler Sola’moor.  My favorite track of the night was “Lil’ Love.” Chrissy has such an ambient pressence when she’s on stage, it just puts you in a trance. Check out some of her music from her project below. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Needless today I had a lot of favorites tonight, until next time, best regards, and Stay Steezy my friends. 



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